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About Us


Mountain Falls Millwork is a family owned local business.  The owner, Randy Rickard, is originally from the Shenandoah Valley.   He has been crafting furnishings and unique custom building projects since 1983.  He started the business with his wife Harriet in 1994.  They have two sons, Kenny and Mitchell, who were raised in Northern Virginia.  Their oldest son Kenny currently serves in the U.S. military.  Their younger son Mitchell has always had a passion for the craft, in high school Mitchell represented Fairfax County and the State of Virginia winning his regional carpentry competition 2 years in a row and advanced to, and won, the State competition the second year.  He then competed at the national level which had competitors twice his age and he was able to place 14th in the nation.  Mitchell has grown up in the family business and has been working full-time with his dad for the past 6 years.


What makes Mountain Falls Millwork different, besides being a local family business, we also source as much as possible from the local region.  In 2017, a sawmill was acquired and we now mill locally harvested woods that would have been sent to the landfill or cut up for firewood.  Premium hardwoods such as Cherry, Walnut, Maple and Oaks are selected piece by piece for beginning the process.  The process for just one piece of wood takes over a year for the proper drying and curing process.  Some of the more ornate urns may contain woods such as Mahogany and Purple Heart which are not local but add unique color and character to the urns.


We take pride in the finished product.  Every urn is handled and personally inspected bye either Randy or Mitchell through the entire process ensuring a good quality before it leaves the shop.   Just as each piece of wood is unique in its character, we now that each urn will be intended for a special loved one to memorialize and remember for years to come.

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